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Bank Branch ( Ohio, USA)
Bank Branch Automation Pilote test for branch automation and nationaly centralised system. Controlling 2 Rooftops, lighting , hot water using only a JACE controller with I/O Saving up to 40% energy.
A few of our best projects
Chrome Plating Factory (Toronto)
Basins temperature control  Controlling chiller, multi stage water tower for tank cooling, electric tank heating, pumps and storage tank level using only a JACE with I/O 
Pre school (Canada) 
Room temperature control  Controlling 4 geothermal heat pumps and exchanger only a JACE with I/O 
6 Stages chiller 2 boiler and 9 gas heater, optimized for energy efficiency only a JACE with I/O 
Vignard (Canada) 
Controlling heat to maintain vines over -12C in the winter using geothermal. Controlling 10 geothermal heat, 6 Gas boiler, 18 Modbus drives for pumps 10 valves, monitoring 128 temperature points in the fields, touch screen, with long range wifi networking, alarming.    
Sweetener Terminal (Texas USA)
Monitoring and control of steam for heating and cleaning   Controlling fill and pre-heating of cleaning hot water, water temperature regulation.   Monitoring of pressure, temperature and flow of steam.  
Residences Boise Notre Dame   
300 luxury retirement home condo Including 4 water towers, Chiller, thermal floors, VAV, 6 air handling unit, lighting control, load management, Snow melt, Domestic hot water and energy recuperation   Integration of existing Lon devices, Modbus IP, Modbus MSTP, Bacnet mstp, bacnet IP. Niagara Tridium  Full recomissioning of 2, full replacement of phase 1 systems New project, phase 5 entirely conceived and buit by Integra Controls.    
Innovative methods in building control technology